Dominican Republic receives 3.2 million tourists, growing 7.25%

Santo Domingo. The Dominican Republic has received in the first eight months of this year more than 3 million tourists, with growth of over 7%, and has become the main tourist destination in the Caribbean region . The goal this year is to finish 2012 with more than five million tourists.

The Central Bank report notes that the arrival of non-resident passengers to Dominican Republic in August showed an increase of 7.69%, in absolute terms to receive additional visitors 25.235, reversing the decline of -1.43% over the same period experienced year.


This dynamism influenced mainly increased nonresident aliens, 21.193 tourists to contribute to growth of 7.64%, as well as increased non-resident Dominicans 4.042, for a variation of 7.93%, exceeding both the low recorded in the same month of 2011.

In analyzing the cumulative arrival nonresident visitors, it is observed that entered the country 3,261,177 tourists during the January-August period of 2012, which means a growth of 7.25%, receiving additional 220.526 passengers compared to the same period last year , and this behavior is attributed to increases in non-resident foreigners and Dominicans, showing rates of 7.28% and 7.08%, respectively.

The report highlights that the dynamic features of tourism in the first eight months of 2012 is explained largely by the joint efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism and the private sector , through promotions and agreements with tour operators, agencies travel, airlines and participation in major international tourism fairs , factors that led to the escalation of flights from major tourist source countries traditional as well as emerging ones.

On the line of residents also showed an increase of 3.58% as a result of the addition of 11.230 passengers made trips abroad during the period analyzed.

During the period January-August 2012, the total arrival passengers and non-residents , grew by 6.91% due 3,586,173 travelers entering by different international airports in the country, which meant an increase of 231.756 passengers when compared to the volume registered in the same period last year.



American tourists



In analyzing the arrival of foreigners by country of residence during the period January-August 2012, shows that North America remains the largest issuer continent participation (57.92%), to   increase the arrival of tourists in 10.94%, as a result of the receipt of absolute  134.532 visitors from the U.S. and Canada residents 25.004.

In that order, the arrival of tourists residing in South America , registered 38.505 additional visitors, a growth of 15.08%, as a result of contributions from countries such as Venezuela (13.784), Brazil (7.013), Argentina (6.239) and Chile (5.338).

In the old continent , Russia and France contributed the largest absolute number of new travelers, to increase arrivals by 31.310 and 7.405 respectively, which partially offset declines in passenger traffic from other European countries such as England, Italy, Germany and Portugal , due to the impact of the crisis in this region.



Arrival by airports; Punta Cana leads



According to the results of the arrival of foreign residents for the different airports of the country in the period under study, the terminal of Punta Cana was the one that received the highest number of passengers , entering 1,743,630 tourists for its facilities, equivalent to 61.53 % of all foreigners.

By the end of Las Americas 571.311 tourists arrived for a share of 20.16%, followed by Puerto Plata airport with a contribution of 9.26%, El Cibao 4.32%, La Romana2.82% while at the airports of La Isabela and The Catey in Samaná together accounted for 1.91 percent.

Note that the fastest growing airport in absolute terms, was Punta Cana to receive tourists 144.780 additional facilities as a result of contributions from countries such asthe United States (86.527), Russia (31.173), Venezuela (12.418), Chile ( 7.764), Brazil (7.205),  Puerto Rico (7.122) and Peru (6.010).

In another vein, the terminal airport of Puerto Plata, Cibao and Isabela , than the same period last year showed reductions in the number of visitors, had an increased set of 32.447 tourists in the same period of 2012.

Profile of tourists

The 88.57% of tourists who visited the country in the first eight months used the hotel during their stay in the country, while in relation to the purpose of travel, 93 out of 100 tourists who entered the Dominican Republic did so for the purpose of recreation.

Regarding the age of the 64.12% visitors between the range of 21 to 49 years, which is associated with the influx of tourism to the country relatively young, and with respect to gender, 50.29% were males and 49.71% female.

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