It’s official: Tourism in growing in the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo.- According to a report, Dominican Republic has reached 10 million tourists in 2013, an increase of 3.6%.

“This increase in the Dominican tourism industry is owed to the new Tourism Incentive Law that has allowed 34 touristic projects, from all over the national territory, to count on an investment of 2,300 million dollars to move forward. The new legislation has widened the period of fiscal exemption from 10 to 15 years, thereby encouraging all existing establishments. As such, the majority of hotels in Punta Cana have modernized”, the report added.

The number of visitors received in Dominican Republic has also increased, above all in the British and German markets, which have shown recuperation with respect to last year, thanks to the advocacy that has been done by the Tourism Ministry. In addition, North American tourists have increased 10 percent. After having gotten 10 million travelers, arrivals of passengers at the International Airport of Punta Cana have increased by 13 percent in relation to the three first months of 2013, which foretells a good season for tourism.

In the case of the Puerto Plata province, it is hoped that with the new Carnival cruiseship port, which will finish being built in December of this year, will invigorate tourism along the northern coast of the country. In addition, the Ministry has also reinforced other areas, with the new Colonial Zone, the construction of the El Coral highway, and the innovative Atlantic Boulevard.

“While the growth of the Dominican tourism industry has recorded an increase of 3.6 percent, the Caribbean area in general has only grown 1 percent,” the Tourism Minister, Radhames Martinez Aponte commented.

The Tourism Minister also pointed out that this year the possibility of building infrastructure in Bani, Peravia, and Montecristi is being contemplated, and they are completing a new touristic legislation plan. He identified the goal of such an initiative as improving the Dominican touristic product.

Additionally, the country also wants to make room for itself in the important business and meetings tourism sector. As such, a Convention Center will be built in Santo Domingo to encourage it, in which the private hotel sector will participate.


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