The less visa requirements, the more tourists come

TTC Service.- It is proved in many tourist destinations worldwide. When decreasing the requirements related to visas, the number of tourists increases.

Because of this maxim of international tourism, the U.S. has received the advice to lighten their own requirements to deliver visas. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) said that with the number of tourists to the United States expected to increase in the next decade, the US needs to make it easier for visitors to get visas, according to a report from a travel forum.

The WTTC added that although the US has made visa policy changes in the last few years that have led to an increase of tourists from China and Brazil, visas are still required for many nations and the application procedure for a visa can be “grueling.”

“Any steps to loosen visa requirements will encourage more people to visit and we fully support the US making improvements in this direction,” the London-based WTTC said in its report.

The same report said Travel and tourism contributed to $1.5 trillion to the US economy in 2013, which was 8.4 percent of GDP, and is expected to rise another 3.1 percent this year. In 2013, tourism directly supported 5.4 million jobs in the US, and investments in the US travel and tourism sectors totaled $145.7 billion, according to the WTTC.

“It is clear that the growth in travel and tourism demand from emerging markets continues with pace, as large rising middle classes, especially from Asia and Latin America, are willing and more able than ever to travel both within and beyond their borders,” the WTTC added.

But experts are skeptical as to think that Washington is willing to sacrifice what it sees as its national security requirements in order to increase tourists. Liping Cai, director of Purdue University’s tourism and hospitality research center, cited by Travel Trade News service, said tourism is not a major US concern compared to national security. “National security will continue to be a priority for the US. I don’t see a new national policy that will significantly increase the number of tourists coming into the country,” Cai told China Daily.

“Although there has been increased cooperation between the government and the tourism sector, I haven’t seen a lot of big moves. I haven’t seen a lot of congressmen united to say ‘Let’s set the international tourism as a priority for our foreign trade,” he said. “Ultimately if national security issues are presented, tourism will yield to national security.”

But in the last five years, the US has retracted economically. In general, high visa requirements require that applies a specialized highly paid staff very expensive and complicated procedures to approve or not approve visas. Tourism requires significant initial investments but then attract billionaires’ revenue.

The dilemma could be putted in a different way: Less paranoia, more money.

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