Zona Colonial tourism increased by 50% by the Coral Highway

Santo Domingo . Program Coordinator for Tourism Development Colonial City of Santo Domingo, Maribel Villalona, said that the number of tourists it receives the first city of America from the east of the countryincreased by 50% in the last two weeks of August, with the opening of the Coral Highway that reduces to two hours the distance Punta Cana Santo Domingo}

The official estimated that from 2015 the Dominican capital could get about two million tourists a year , explaining that although the tourist flow is difficult to pinpoint future until July the Colonial City each month received nearly 4,000 tourists from Punta Cana and after the opening of the Coral Highway , that number rose to 6,000 tourists in August, an increase of 50%.


According Villalona, projections indicate that in October this historic area will receive 8,000 visitors and that number will increase even more in the winter season, in addition to the contributions they will reactivate thecruise tourism in the Dominican capital and the influx from Samaná .

“Consider that the city is becoming a shopping destination with a very high level compared to other Caribbean islands , which will consider the offer urban and cultural tourism has traditionally been offered, “said Villalona.

He said that the Hotel Association of the East Zone in 2014 estimated to be mobilized 600.000 tourists per year to Santo Domingo from the tourist destination and considered it a projection possible because the area currently emits around 400,000 tourists to Saona Island , which until recently was an hour from Punta Cana

“The great flood is coming from the peak of 2013 and 2014 when performing international promotions including the Cologne area , which will be ready, “the official said in an interview with the newspaper Listin Diario under the signature of Ircania Vasquez.

Zona Colonial
Foreseeing the increasing flow of tourists to the capital, was conceived Tourism Development Programme Colonial City of Santo Domingo , who heads the Ministry of Tourism through an Advisory Committee composed of the Ministries of Culture, Economy, Planning and Development, and Interior and Police, and the National District City Council , the Tourism Cluster of Santo Domingo , the Hotel and Tourism Association (Asonahores), the Archbishop of Santo Domingo , Ciudad Ovando Association and the Union of Neighborhood Colonial Zone.

The project, which is run with an initial contribution of U.S. $ 30 million financed by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) and U.S. $ 1.2 million of the Dominican State, aims to boost the competitiveness of Dominican tourism diversifying the offer of cultural tourism and urban to promote a type of tourism that generates more consumption.

Includes the development of key tourism and improving public spaces, integration of community tourism development and capacity building and management, including quality programs and training statistical count of residents, employees and guides .

In addition, the strategic plan includes improving sidewalks , underground electricity cable, restoration and modernization of some museums and enabling public areas with Wi-Fi and the restoration of the facades of the houses whose residents not have the resources to do so.

The project also includes the Sustainable Mobility Plan , which involves an international tender for a consulting firm to analyze what is the situation of tourist transport, as can be restructured and how it could get tourists on bicycles moving safely through the old historical, while providing a sustainable solution to the issue of transportation.

Then execute a plan that includes signage and parking clearance, which is intended to create conditions for the private sector to invest in the creation of parking for personal vehicles, while the state is responsible for public transport solutions.


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